a2 Organic Milk

Know more about a2 Organic Milk and its benefits.


Self-sufficient farms with availability of fresh water, air and pollution free environment


Healthy herd of Desi Cows(Sahiwal and Rathi Breeds) is maintained


All our products are from Desi Cows - which are a2, Organic and healthy.


We ensure quality of all products and deliver to customers directly.

About Organic Bharat

       Organic Bharat has been founded with a vision to provide a2, Organic & Fresh Milk and Milk Products in India. We maintain a healthy herd of Sahiwal and Rathi breed of cows and practice ancient ways of organic farming in combination with modern animal husbandry systems. We are situated around 20 KM away from Gurgaon in Haryana state in the rural setting with abundance of fresh air and water. The location suits to provide fresh farm products to our customers on daily basis. Our farms have been registered for 'ORGANIC GREEN' production under PGS Scheme of Govt.of India.

        As a first step in this direction, Organic Bharat is producing & promoting supply of A2 Organic Milk and Milk Products from Indian indigenous cows (Desi Cows) known for its inherent high nourishment and medicinal values. We are also continuously working on breed improvement through selective breeding of cows.

        Our cows are kept in natural settings with an emphasis on welfare of cows and keeping them happy. We are working with organic farming for production of food/feed unadulterated by chemical pesticides/fertilizers and banned substances, e.g. Urea, etc., thereby to increase the soil fertility and to be in harmony with Mother Nature.

        Beside milk products, we are also making organic fertilizers in the form of Manure (Panchagavya) and urine (Gomutra) to grow and cultivate organic food.

Activities & Features

  • Self-sufficient Organic Farms
  • Registered for 'Organic Green' under PGS
  • Fodder/Crops cultivation with natural manure/Gomutra
  • No chemical pesticides & fertilizers
  • Vermi Compost Manure from cow dung
  • Bio-gas plant for fuel and manure
  • Modern Gau-Shala for Desi(Indian) cows
  • A2 Milk & products delivered directly to Home
  • Week-end Farm Visits : Close to Delhi & NCR


Organic Milk


The only thing my 9 years old daughter missed is farm fresh milk from Organic Bharat(Not even me), when she went to our relatives during summer break. I wish good luck to Organic Bharat team.

A2 Milk


I have been consuming milk from Organic Bharat since 2 years. I trust only A2 milk from cows when it comes to feeding my 4 years old baby. It is organic and free from any chemicals.

Pure Cow Milk


I am a regular consumer of Organic Bharat's milk from last 17 months. I have personally visited their farms to check the breed of cows to be sure that milk is from Indian desi breeds. I am very happy and satisfied by their product quality.

Contact Us

Organic Vedic Dairy

Adress: F-4, New Palam Vihar, Phase-1, Gurgaon

Country: India

E-mail: customercare@organicbharat.com

Phone: +91-9999024501